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Product Information


Per ml. solution:

Acepromazine maleate 20 mg.


Aceprom Inj. is a yellow coloured solution and contains as active ingredient Acepromazine maleate. Acepromazine is a neuroleptic drug and belongs to the group of Phenothiazines. In common with other Phenothiazine derivates, Acepromazine is a central nervous system depressant with associated effects on the autonomic system. The grade of sedation is dependent of the dosage. The action of Acepromazine is expressed as sedation, decreased spontaneous motoric activity, depression of conditioned reflexes, agression of hostile behaviour. After parenteral administration, its action starts within 10-20 minutes and lasts about 6 – 13 hours. Acepromazine potentiates the action of analgesics, general anaesthetics and sedatives.


All situations where slight sedation is required, particularly during examination of intractable animals, transport, training, to alleviate itching as a result of skin irritation and as pre-anaesthetic in major surgical procedures.


Administration to animals with lung- and heart diseases. Administration of higher than recommended doses. Simultaneous administration and/or use with organophosphorous compounds and procaine (potentiating effect).


After administration of higher than recommended doses, respiratory disturbances have been observed (Antidote: Amfetamine). Prolapsus of the membrana nicticans is possible, this phenomenon is related with the sedation of the animals and reversible. Penis relaxation in male horses has been observed.

Dosage and administration

For intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous (cats) administration:
The recommended dosages are only guidelines and should be adapted to each individual patient.
The recommended dosages are:
Animal Intravenous Intramuscular or subcutaneous.
Horses 0.375 – 0.75 ml. / 100 kg. 0.75 ml. / 100 kg.
Dogs, cats 0.15 ml. / 10 kg. 0.15 ml. / 10 kg.

Withdrawal period

Edible tissues : 15 days


Store in a dry, dark place between 15°C and 25°C.


100 ml. multidose vial (48 vials per box).

Product Code: ACE918

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