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Formula: Furosemide 5g, Dexametasone phosphate 0.2g, Excepients qs 100 ml

Benefits: Potent injectable of furosemide (diuretic-saluretic drug), and dexametasona, (anti-inflammatory corticoid) combination, which allows a fast and effective remission of edema of any kind and inflammation. Furosemide Promotes the excretion of chlorine and potassium. Its diuretic effect is independent of acid-base balance status of the patient. Dexamethasone has an anti-inflammatory and anti-stress activity. Clinical experience shows that edemas are significantly reduced by this drug. The combination diuretic furosemide with the steroid anti-inflammatory action has an effective activity in reducing birth physiological edema in the mammary gland and reduction of edematous conditions accompanied by inflammation or not. Indications: Edema of any kind: pregnancy edema, pre and post parturition udder edemas, ascites, prepucial edemas, cerebral, cardiac, renal edemas, vascular obstruction. Arterial hypertension. Treatment of the bleeding horse. Destination

Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: Equines:10 to 25 ml, slow IV or IM injection every 12 to 24 hours according to veterinarian criteria and to the seriousness of the affection and patient response.

Presentation: ampoule bottle x 10 and 25 ml

Product Code: FURM24

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