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Revulsive Injection

Benefits: Macfield injection is prepared expressly for the treatment of strains, sprains and tears to muscles, tendons and ligaments which often occur in the training and racing of horses. It is to be used in those cases where a counterirritant would normally be an aid to nature.

Indications: Chronic inflammation. Muscle tears. Efforts tendon and ligaments. Periostitis. Sacral iliac subluxation. chronic arthritis

Target species: Sport equines non-intended for human consumption.

Posology: 2 to 5 ml x point of application. The area to be injected should be fully determined before injections are made. The injections should be made at the focal point of the strains or sprain and muscle tears within the area involved, spacing injections from 3 to 4 inches apart. After injections heve been made, rub the surface gently with the hands, the right way of the hair for 5 minutes to distribute Macfield as much as possible. 

How sold: ampoule bottle x 50 ml

Formula: Iodine 1.2 g, excipients q.s. 100 ml

Product Code: MACQ7

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