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Turbo ATP


Fructosa Vitaminada

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Injectable solution


Each 100 mL contains:

L-Arginine HCl                                                             10.0 g

Nicotinamide                                                                6.0 g

L-Lysine HCl                                                                 5.0 g

Glycine                                                                            5.0 g

Magnesium 4H2O aspartate                                      2.0 g

Potassium ½ H2O aspartate                                      2.0 g

Selenium (as Sodium Selenate)                                 0.1 g

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)                                 0.07 g

Excipients                                                           100 mL


Revitalizing, muscular tonic, it restores and maintains the muscle function, it delays the fatigue. Complementary treatment in muscular dystrophies and other myopathies, weakness and convalescence. It promotes the performance in animals subjected to a great physical activity.

Target species:

Bovine, equine, ovine, swine, canine and feline.

Withdrawal period:

Meat and milk: 4 days

Route of administration:

Deep intramuscular or slowly intravenous, applying the aseptic measures relating to the administration of injectable. Do not administer more than 10 mL per inoculation site when the intramuscular administration route is used.

In some animals, after the deep intramuscular administration, a slight swelling it may occur but it disappears in a short time without treatment.


Bovine and equine: 20 mL/animal. Calves and foals: from 5 to 10 mL/animal.

Ovine and swine: from 2 to 5 mL/animal.

Feline: 1 mL.

It is recommended 3 to 4 doses with an interval between them of 2 to 5 days, according to the veterinarian’s discretion.

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